The 2019 Shopping Day was a huge success. Due to the bad weather, the number of children was less than we had hoped it would be (approximately 800) but everyone that made it, had a blast. We had to bring the line inside the store due to the storms, but all the children were very well behaved! We had over 250 volunteers attend the shopping, which meant that the line went down pretty quickly. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their morning to shop with the kids.

This year we had the Guardians of Justice Superheroes who were part of our volunteer team. We had Captain America, Batman and several other characters who walked around the store surprising the kids in the toy aisles.

Each child was given $100 to shop until they dropped, and it was such fun being able to see the smiles on their faces AND the smiles on the faces of the chaperones who help make this a wonderful experience.

After the children had chosen their goodies, they checked out, picked up their snack bags and then had photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus who were sitting at their den by the exit. The Superheroes joined them too.

Check out the photos that were taken by Sara Greenwood and Arlys Lopez who kindly volunteered their time too. They are already there now!

If you would like to be a chaperone at the shopping and volunteer your time, please click here to volunteer.